Florian Mettetal
Florian is seeking a Front End Development Position
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Florian is seeking an Entry Level Ruby or RoR Developer Position
Florian is seeking a Product Marketing Position
Feb '11 to February 2012 near Santa Rosa, CA
A top 10 budget website hosting company.

In 2011, Arvixe was rated the 209th Fastest Growing company in the U.S. by Inc. 500.

When I joined Arvixe in 2010 there was one other person in the Sales Department. I have grown the department to its present size (5) and created the Marketing Department, inheriting the responsibilities from the CEO.

Today, the Marketing Department spends $200K-$300K/month and is directly responsible for 50+% of the revenue for Arvixe Web Hosting.

  • Affiliate Mgr.
  • Marketing Department Mgr.
  • Sales Department Mgr.
Affiliate Manager
  • 6-month sustained Growth
  • Developed proposal for new Affiliate system
  • Day-to-Day Affiliate Issues
  • Consistently decreased Cost Per Sale
  • Consistently increased Affiliate Registration
  • Implemented SalesForce
Marketing Department Manager
  • 2 Reports
  • Responsible for $20K+/mo placed advertising
  • Initiated CPS based retargeting campaigns ($50K/mo)
  • Initiated PPC campaigns on AdWords and AdCenter
  • Split test and Implemented new Landing Page design
Launched a Monthly Newsletter in September
  • 62% of Customer Base opened the newsletter
  • 10% increase in Repeat Sales
  • All-Time-High Affiliate Registration (2x previous month)
  • 2% of Customer Base participated in the "Website Showcase" Contest
Sales Department Manager
  • 5 Reports (8 Total)
  • Developed & Implemented Reporting System
  • Developed & Implemented New Hire Procedure
  • Grew Sales Department from 2 emp. to 4+1 Mngr.
  • Recruited & Trained the Sales Department Mgr.
  • Recruited & Trained 3 of the 7 Full Time employees
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May - August 2010 in Paris, France
A tech. innovation and SMB incubation company headquartered in Paris, France.
  • Created in-depth Financial and Marketing Analysis of competition for the expansion of the BlueEyes product
  • Developed extensive PnL statements for Tuhin Roy Group's potential re-acquisition of ORCD & DRA
  • Developed extensive PnL statements for AWAL's expansion of subsidiary BuzzDeck into its own company.
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March '09 to January 2010 in San Luis Obipso, CA
A music event promotion and group travel agency for the San Francisco Bay and San Luis Obispo areas
  • Generated $20,000 of revenue over 6 events.
  • Developed and Implemented Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Managed all sales, B2B contracts, sponsorships, and cross promotion with other companies
  • Implemented advertising campaigns for CPEDM events, growing attendance from 300 to 1,000 people over the course of 2-events
Florian attends Startup related events
June '07 to June 2009 in San Luis Obipso, CA
The Cal Poly campus library
  • Network operations support for Novell Netware network
  • Face-to-Face support for Microsoft and Apple operating systems and software
  • Actively provided friendly in-person support to students and faculty in multiple computer labs
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March '05 to April 2007 in San Luis Obipso, CA
A travel guide website
  • Added a WYSIWYG Content Management System to backend
  • Consulted on development of a Social Travel Guide Site
June - September 2005 in Birmingham, MI
An investment management firm
  • ASP/TCL Programming and maintenance of Munder.com public website
  • Research and Proof of Concept for XML/Flash analytics integration for web portfolio data
May - June 2005 in Cincinnati, OH
A commercial bank
  • COBOL server-end automated process creation
Florian was a finalist in the SIFE Business Plan Comp.
near San Luis Obispo, CA
Annual Business Plan Competition, the winner receives $5,000

For the 2009 SIFE Business Plan Competition I developed a proposal with my partner, Scott Tucker, for a new student housing community close to campus. San Luis Obispo is ranked the #3 most expensive place to live in the United States, and affordable student housing is a consistent issue compounded by the low quality of the accommodations as owners feel no obligation to maintain the property when demand is so high. By renovating a property near campus, modern rentals would improve quality of life and housing density near campus.

Florian was a finalist in the SIFE Business Plan Comp.
near San Luis Obispo, CA
Annual Business Plan Competition, the winner receives $5,000

For the 2007 SIFE Business Plan Competition I developed a proposal for a 24-hour coffee shop near campus. The college town's only 24/7 establishment is the Denny's breakfast diner across town. The purpose of the "Alpha Cafe" coffee shop was to have an establishment close to campus which was open after the library closed at 11PM so students would have a place to study. Primary Market Research showed the coffee house would be a huge hit, especially because no coffee house within 2-miles of campus offered Free-WiFi.

Since 2007 the library has extended their hours to midnight and added a 24-hour room. In 2009, less than a 1000ft from the location I chose for "Alpha Cafe" a coffee house opened and has continued to succeed.

Florian has completed many stages of Project Euler in Ruby
near San Francisco, CA
ProjectEuler.net is a Code Challenge website

Project Euler Badge:

Florian Mettetal's Project Euler Badge

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near San Francisco, CA

Florian first started learning HTML when he was 11!

Amount of Experience
  • MySQL - 4 Years
  • PHP - 3 Years
  • CSS - 3 Years
  • Java - 1 Year
  • JavaScript - 3 Years
  • Ruby - 1 Month
near San Luis Obispo, CA

My expertise is in staff development ... Florian is one of the most forward thinking and at the same time introspective thinkers that I have met. These aspects of Florian’s character, combined with his enthusiasm and idealism, strike me as valuable assets to an employer or organization.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider me a reference for Florian Mettetal. I worked closely with Florian while he was an undergraduate. During that time he served as a founding father to launch a small colony of enthusiastic men to charter a fraternity. Despite his hard work and dedication to this effort, the endeavor took longer than anticipated, and this coincided with many key men graduating and a loss of momentum and morale. Florian set himself apart by seeking to revitalize this effort by working with experts on recruiting and retention and making some fundamental changes to the organization, including seeking me out as a new and more active colony advisor. I was initially skeptical of the offer over the telephone but agreed to meet with him and his executive council on a weekend. The gentlemen were prompt, unified, and well led by Florian into direct conversation. Florian was well aware of chapter statistics and particular milestones that needed to be met, and had a firm grasp on his team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Florian took to this effort as if it were his own personal business; in many ways establishing a colony and chartering a fraternity is just that – working with Nationals and other significant adults within the academic environment to create a franchise, while at the same time using entrepreneurial skills to brand a particular chapter. Florian was successful at generating his own ideas, as well as assimilating the ideas of others (myself included) to meet common goals. Florian rose to the occasion of covering other officers’ duties and helped in a myriad of other ways to meet deadlines and make chartering a success. Greek Life is often focused on social aspects. Florian made strong efforts to ensure that the service side of the fraternity was known to the community. He contributed to making the ACE Project (a cornerstone of Sigma Pi) a major event worthy of receiving National’s Executive Officer’s attention.

My expertise is in staff development. During our year working closely together Florian sought me out for mentorship and guidance in several aspects of his development as a student, a young adult, friend, and a professional. I was impressed that he asked me to share my insights with him regarding his working relationship with others. I witnessed him use those insights to develop stronger relationships. Florian is one of the most forward thinking and at the same time introspective thinkers that I have met. These aspects of Florian’s character, combined with his enthusiasm and idealism, strike me as valuable assets to an employer or organization. I would not hesitate to employ Florian if I was in the position, and I strongly urge you to consider the same. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide further information or clarification.

Christopher Monza

Florian lived in Paris for the year of 2010
near Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dear Sir/Madame,

In my experience with Florian he has been a positive intelligent force and a goal oriented leader. I have known him since 2004 and began working with him at Arvixe in early 2011. During training and as a supervisor he effectively communicated the things I would need to know to fill a role within the company and move into his position as the manager of the Sales and Billing Department. Since then the department has grown and documentation first written by Florian is now being published for staff-wide use. Florian promoted me to take his place as the Sales Department manager, so he could focus his efforts in creating the Marketing Department and inherit the Affiliate Channel Manager duties from the CEO. As the Affiliates and Marketing lead Florian has been a driving force in the consistent growth of Arvixe and should be held partly responsible for being listed an Inc. 500 company.

Anthony Shephard

March '06 to January 2009 in San Luis Obipso, CA
A local chapter of an international college social fraternity
  • Grew yearly budget from $20,000 at founding to $100,000/year through recruitment and alumni donation campaigns
  • Managed up-to 10 committees at a time leading the colony through national inspection to be become a chapter
  • Grew membership by 300% within 10 weeks, the fastest out of all chapters in North America in 2008
June 2011 in Phoenix, AZ
A public university, ranked #132 Best College in the United States.

I was able to complete the remaining requirements for my degree at A.S.U. in 1-year while working full-time and traveling around Europe.

  • FAS435 Adv. Marriage/Family Relationships
  • PGS466 Abnormal Psychology
  • PGS341 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY325 Physiological Psychology
  • PSY324 Memory and Cognition
  • PSY290 Research Methods
  • PSY305 Personality Psychology
  • PSY252 Social Psychology
  • PSY314 Psychology of Women
September '05 - June 2009 in San Luis Obispo, CA
A public university, ranked #7 in the Western Region of the United States.

I began my educational career at Cal Poly pursuing a B.S. in Physics. I decided to change majors to Business in order to pursue my true passion but I was met with a number of administrative difficulties. After 4-years of attending Cal Poly I transferred to A.S.U.

near Long Beach, CA
Sigma Pi International Convocation: Bi-Annual Convention

After attending a conference, I returned to my local chapter armed with valuable knowledge in how to recruit members for our failing chapter. If we did not achieve a certain level of membership our colony would be closed. I taught the chapter what I learned and this resulted in a 300% membership growth within 10-weeks during an off recruitment period.

January 1 to October 17, 2011
Total excel file data for 2011
  • 145 Items
  • 25MB
Total excel file data for 2010
  • 97 Items
  • 9MB
Florian enjoys (crew) rowing 4 and 8 person boats
Florian enjoys playing 2v2 Starcraft 2